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About WageSafe


Founded through a collaboration between experts in wage compliance, each bringing over 20 years of experience, WageSafe combines expertise in proactive employment compliance support with technical operational analytics. Built on this foundation of extensive expertise, WageSafe has expanded its reach and influence, establishing itself as a leading platform that serves businesses looking for wage compliance solutions.

The Current Environment

Employers are under increased scrutiny to ensure their payroll practices comply with wage and workers' entitlement regulations. This often-challenging task can be complicated by errors, complex regulations, or outdated payroll systems.

WageSafe points out a key issue: standalone systems that manage time and wages separately struggle to meet the intricate demands of wage laws, leading to compliance challenges. Mistakes, even minor ones, can quickly escalate into substantial financial and legal issues over time, especially for large workforces.

WageSafe developed a solution designed for real-time compliance monitoring. Leveraging years of experience in wage compliance, our platform minimises the reliance on time-consuming manual audits and quickly identifies discrepancies. Our sophisticated award interpretation algorithm, refined through extensive customer data, ensures accuracy and speed in compliance management.

Learn how it works

During each payment period, WageSafe's award interpretation system examines the time and attendance records of each employee. This enables a direct and immediate comparison between the actual payroll numbers and the audited figures, ensuring accuracy in real-time.

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Discover WageSafe

WageSafe is the solution if you're uncertain about potential underpayment issues within your business, especially when conducting thorough audits across the entire network is both challenging and costly.

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Our expertise

WageSafe stands as a leader in wage compliance, thanks to our expert team's dedication and industry expertise. For a closer look at our team and their commitment to excellence in wage compliance, click here to visit our team page.

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Phone: 02 7208 4466


Level 3, 223 Liverpool Road,

Ashfield NSW 2131


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