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How WageSafe Works

The WageSafe platform assesses Time & Attendance and Payroll data for every employee during every pay. This enables a real-time comparison between the amount employees should have been paid and what they actually received.

Your WageSafe Dashboard

WageSafe provides you with results for both underpayments and overpayments, and cross-references operational results to categorise which stores require help or other action:

Action/Audit (red)
Watch (amber)
Leader/Benchmark (green)

Furthermore, your dashboard will also illustrate the following:

Your Metrics: Agreed key performance indicators provide a “balanced scorecard” for compliance.


Compliance Benchmarks: Benchmarking set minimum standards for reviews and rankings to provide context.


Employment Analytics: The “balanced scorecard” for compliance provides context for overall compliance.

Payroll Monitoring

WageSafe streamlines the process by automatically interpreting award conditions and calculating the appropriate payment amounts. It then compares these calculations to the actual payments made.

Award Interpretation

Our team has manually processed thousands of award payment calculations, transforming these into algorithms that automate accurate interpretations.

Real-time Analytics

By automating the comparison between expected payments and actual payments, we are able to offer detailed analytics that highlight discrepancies and identify gaps in payment accuracy.

Self-Service Dashboards

User-friendly and intuitive, our dashboards enable users to easily delve into specific business units for meaningful insights.


WageSafe integrates with time and attendance data sources and payroll processing platforms via API’s or if required can automate the process of uploading files. 



Expert award understanding and thousands of past calculations, has allowed us to convert this into algorithms that automate correct interpretation.



Automation of the comparison of what should have been paid and what has been paid allows us to provide real time understanding. 



Easy to understand and intuitive, the dashboard allows you to drill-down into meaningful discrete business units and employees to remediate at the source of the issue.


Results for key payroll metrics across your network are aggregated so you can understand what the average and top performers are able to achieve.

Risk Area Identification

By integrating employment data with key indicators such as sales, we can help you identify areas where labour costs are exceptionally low, indicating potential high-risk scenarios.

Personalised Notifications

You can set preferences for receiving personalised notifications when specific events occur, such as the detection of significant payment discrepancies within a store.

Visualised Risk Scoring

WageSafe incorporates a built-in risk assessment tool that utilies a mix of underpayment percentages, benchmark comparisons, and point of sale data.

No more expensive auditing of sample periods and random spot checks! With Wagesafe you can be sure employees are paid correctly by getting insight into payroll data in real-time. 



Phone: 02 7208 4466


Level 3, 223 Liverpool Road,

Ashfield NSW 2131


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