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Real-time protection

WageSafe delivers essential protection, preventing systemic underpayments and shielding your business from potential penalties and legal breaches related to wage compliance. Ensure your operations are safeguarded against wage underpayments and the risks of non-compliance with our real-time monitoring.

Enhanced Compliance and risk Mitigation

WageSafe raises your defense against underpayments and compliance risks by blending operational analytics with traditional payroll and rostering data. Our platform establishes critical benchmarks, utilising a variety of operational indicators to quickly identify patterns that may lead to underpayments, offering a protective shield against potential financial and legal consequences.


Utilising an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based analytics system, WageSafe scrutinises multiple data streams to pinpoint discrepancies, such as unexpectedly low wage cost percentages when cross-referenced with variables like employee demographics, working hours, and store metrics. This comprehensive analysis aids in pre-emptively addressing risks before they escalate.


Equip your team with the insights and tools needed to detect and resolve underpayment issues or inefficiencies in rostering practices, fortifying your business against penalties and bolstering compliance.


Cut expenses and streamline operations with WageSafe by ensuring all wages comply with award conditions, WageSafe combines expert award interpretation with cutting-edge analytics to mitigate underpayment risks efficiently. This translates into significant time and cost savings across various departments:

  • Finance teams see fewer compliance beaches, easing financial oversight.

  • Payroll Departments benefit from fewer manual tasks, enhancing efficiency.

  • HR Units enjoy seamless compliance tracking, ensuring regulatory adherence.

Reduce Risk

Systemic errors in time recording and wage processing can expose your business to legal issues, penalties, and reputational damage. WageSafe effectively eliminates these risks, ensuring your operations remain protected and compliant.

Increased Visibility

WageSafe offers a solution for businesses struggling with the challenge and expense of conducting comprehensive network audits to detect hidden underpayment issues. By providing increased visibility into your payroll operations, WageSafe ensures that you stay informed and ahead of potential problems.

Cost Reduction

Conducting manual audits across your entire network annually can be costly, affecting your bottom line. WageSafe offers a cost-effective alternative that not only lowers your expenses but can also help reduce overall wage costs.


We implemented an ISO 27001 Information Security Management System to continually improve our information security posture.


WageSafe integrates data for each employee, providing a full history of employment, ready for interpretation.


The System interprets award rules, using sophisticated algorithms tailored to the unique conditions reflected in the employees’ time and attendance history.

Score Card

We utilise a balanced scorecard approach to employment compliance, incorporating industry or user-defined benchmarks.


Our award interpretation engine has been tested against thousands of customer files to establish unsurpassed accuracy & speed of delivery.


Real Time Data Audits

Keep an eye on your entire network with real-time monitoring. Should any underpayments or overpayments arise, you'll be immediately aware, enabling quick action to prevent legal issues or harm to your reputation.


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Reduce Dependencies

Reduce your dependence on Time & Attendance systems for interpreting award rules. Even minor inaccuracies in these systems can lead to substantial back payments. By using WageSafe, you protect your business against the risk of costly errors and the potential for significant financial liabilities.


Enhanced Award Interpretation

Ensure your award interpretations are not just compliant but also strategically used to meet business goals. WageSafe ensures award interpretation precision from day one, protecting your business.



Phone: 02 7208 4466


Level 3, 223 Liverpool Road,

Ashfield NSW 2131


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