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Protect your business with Real-Time, Independent Wage Compliance

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Simplifying Compliance,
Minimising Risk

WageSafe is designed to safeguard your business against the complexities of wage compliance. It simplifies wage management and actively protects you from the risks of non-compliance. With updates to regulatory changes, WageSafe ensures your operations remain compliant, secure, and efficient.

Data-Driven Compliance Insights

It’s no longer enough to ‘spot check’ your payroll or to perform an audit once a year. WageSafe allows businesses to manage wage compliance each and every payroll. Designed specifically for business owners, managers and HR/payroll teams, WageSafe provides insights that seamlessly integrate compliance checks into daily operations.


“We have integrated a new time and attendance system into our network and knew that WageSafe would provide weekly checks of our system to ensure we are paying our workforce correctly. To have internal resources performing these checks manually would be a big cost, so we can save money and time via WageSafe.” 

– General Manager, Coffee Franchise


WageSafe connects Time and Attendence with payroll platforms through APIs and automates uploads for seamless integrations.



Leveraging decades of experience and in-depth calculations, our expertise in award interpretation has culminated in the development of advanced algorithms for precise, automated results.



We use detailed analytics to compare what you expect to pay with what you actually pay, giving businesses real-time insights. This way, you get a clear view of how accurate your payroll is, making it easy to spot and fix any errors immediately.



Our dashboard is designed for ease of use and intuitive navigation, allowing users to effortlessly dive into detailed views of individual business units and employees. This allows for targeted corrections at the issue's source, ensuring problems are resolved accurately and promptly.

Reliable Platform

Our experts have successfully audited the wages of over 64,000 employees, affirming the dependability of our systems and accuracy of our calculations.

Scalable Software

Analysing large volumes of wage data is not only manageable for WageSafe; it's our specialty. We've designed our system specifically for this purpose, and our team has successfully reviewed wages totalling hundreds of millions, demonstrating our software's ability to handle extensive data effortlessly.

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Phone: 02 7208 4466


Level 3, 223 Liverpool Road,

Ashfield NSW 2131


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